Jeff Chiu | Ryerson Artspace

Jeff Chiu | Ryerson Artspace

'The Ancestral Home' by Jeffery Chiu

Perhaps the perfect translation is a fantasy, and we need to recognize the benefits of the hybrid. The act of translating a text from one language to another entails many linguistic discrepancies—many images that may be hidden from the western eye. It seems that by replicating something from the past, you lose the nuances and subtleties of the original, but at the same time, new nuances and subtleties appear as a result of the replication. At what point in the translation do we begin to interpolate? Perhaps every life is a secret.

Jeff Chiu is currently pursuing a BFA in photography from the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. He has written that his work often serves as a guide that navigates an ongoing understanding of diaspora, memory, and deterioration.

Social Media: @notjeffchiu (Instagram)

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