Jennifer Sciarrino, Jacob Whibley & Naomi Yasui

Sciarrino, Whibley & Yasui | Room 210

Slap Dash Depository

Slap Dash Depository is a sequestered space that envisions highly organized elements gathered in the nexus of making, experimenting, and including the aura of hoarding. The objects occupying the space and their arrangement become a study of rudimentary form, structural assemblage and more importantly -- imagined possibility.

Engaged with unexpected reflections, eccentric accumulations, diverse constructions and the uncanny vistas of environments, the space assumes the form of a capricious hermitage. Cubbies, shelving and other vessels expose a series of cached objects; composed and assembled. These objects and artifacts are a dialogue between our tactile response to material processes and the manipulation of the space where they reside.

This is a first time collaboration between Sciarrino, Whibley and Yasui. Each of the three comes from different backgrounds, but share similar sensibilities in their personal practices and object making. All presently live and work in Toronto.

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