Jordan Shaw | 2nd Floor Alcove

Jordan Shaw | 2nd Floor Alcove

'Enhancer' by Jordan Shaw

The data chandelier is a continuation of Jordan's work exploring the concept of how technology can go unnoticed, and yet how it can alter our surroundings, influence how we perceive our environment and alter how we behave and interact both our physical and virtual environment. The project consists of an interactive chandelier that is continuously scanning its environment with sensors determining what has changed in it’s vicinity. Based on the movement of the participants in the room the chandelier recognizes their position and in real time alters it’s lights to reflect the current rooms environment. The lights are a physical representation of of the data collected through the chandeliers sensors trying to foster the discussion of presentness and one’s awareness of their influence in a public space. The goal of the piece is to try and physicalize the perception of technological devices that are trying to make sense of their immediate environment. Try and concretize the intangible data collection of a particular space into a understandable and relatable representation.

Jordan Shaw is an artist and technologist based out of Toronto, Canada. His work focuses on exploring the predefined expectations society has about their relationship with digital devices by communicating the invisible, yet physical components of technology and the influences it has on culture and community through their data collection capabilities.

This Project is supported by OAC

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