Kaitlyn Bourden | Second Floor, Room 214

Kaitlyn Bourden | Second Floor, Room 214

Project Name: Memories Relocated

I’m interested in the idea of forgotten and abandoned furniture as surrogate bodies, and how I might ‘mend’ and ‘fix’ them in some sense, they become transformed, changed. My next project will focus on furniture still, but instead of found objects I would be hand carving each piece of furniture. These pieces of furniture will be ones from memory. Objects and furniture I remember from my childhood, relative’s houses, friends, and school. Each piece would vary in size from tiny hand held pieces to about two feet in height. This idea of the miniature makes the furniture delicate, approachable, and skews it from being a functional object. It would be a large installation so the corners of the room are overflowing with furniture; piles are here and there. The piles will be en-robbed in latex rubber painted onto the space. The viewer is immersed in this bizarre landscape of treasured memories.

Artist Bio

My artistic practice investigates how we experience our bodies. In particular I wanted to work with materials that could create an illusion of membranous, organ-like forms. The objects that I work with are thought of as “surrogate bodies”; working with ideas of body, surrogate and self.

Website www.kaitlynbourden.ca

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