Kathryn Walter

Kathryn Walter | Room 205

FELT is a design company based on the material and ideas of felt. Founded by artist Kathryn Walter, the company specializes in industrial manufactured felts and is unique in its commitment to a material rather that a market, allowing it to move into numerous fields including visual art, architecture and design.

The versatility of the material is evident in the product lines FELT Home, FELT Fashion and FELT Gift, while FELT Custom and FELT Design/Build demonstrate a further range of possibility for fabrication. Clients have included Holt-Renfrew, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Power Plant: Contemporary Art Gallery at Harbourfront, Bruce Mau Design, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts and Teeple Architects.

The company emphasizes eco-friendly living. All felts are 80 - 100% wool with varying combinations of virgin and recycled fibres. FELT products are designed using basic geometric patterns that enable low-waste production. FELT(TM) is a trademark of FELT, the company.

While I support Toronto's Interior Design Show I welcome CUTMR with its idea of offering a parallel alternative to this more commercial event. I come to the world of design with a visual art background – while I'm interested in exploring the functionality of materials I also choose to look critically at modes of production. For CUTMR I plan to push the relationship between form and function to an extreme in a playful honest look at minimalism and sustainable design.

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