Laura Peturson | 3rd Floor, North Hallway, East Wall

Laura Peturson | 3rd Floor, North Hallway, East Wall

Project Name: Hogweed Forest

Hogweed Forest is a print-based project comprised of woodcut, linocut, screenprint and papercut techniques. The floor-to-ceiling design, wheat-pasted to the wall, is layered with images of gnarled felled trees, tangles of giant hogweed (an extremely harmful invasive species brought to Canada as an ornamental garden plant), and figures delicately exploring the “forest”.

Hogweed Forest examines the unintended impacts of cultivation, and the accelerating speed of plant invasions due to globalization. The landscape is cast in an active role, with aggressive and unpredictable power, instead of as a backdrop to our daily lives. Children are depicted as the explorers of this forest because of their tenacity and vulnerability. The simultaneous beauty and danger of the forest is prevalent in children’s stories, and the despite the accuracy of the scale relationships, the giant hogweed makes the children appear as diminutive as Alice in the Wonderland garden.

Artist Bio

With a practice situated in printmaking, Laura Peturson’s work explores themes of childhood, gender, and place. She is interested in the ways the spaces we inhabit as children form our identity and our conception of our place in relation to family, geography, and nature. She lives in Callander, ON.

Website/Social Media Handle: IG @laurapeturson

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