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LeuWebb Projects | Ballroom

Christine Leu and Alan Webb find inspiration and joy in creating immersive and interactive environments in publicly accessible spaces. Their installation for Come Up To My Room 2011 represents the first creation in Toronto by LeuWebb Projects.

Christine is an intern architect, writer, photographer, and teacher. She interested in unique communities thriving in the everyday. As such, she is working on projects on the Highway of Heroes on the 401 highway and immigrant farmers in downtown Toronto.

Alan is a licensed architect, dj and polymath with projects in graphic design, music and film, and an interest in field recordings and radio production. He was a founding member of Toronto’s wabi collective (an electronic music, projection and installation-centric group) and has travelled widely in search of volcanic activity and hot springs.

Technical programming for the CUTMR piece is being provided by Jeff Lee and Omar Khan.

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