Longernin Collective | Room 204

Longernin Collective | Room 204

'Post-Part' by Longernin Collective (Pazit Cahlon, Catherine Mellinger, Nat Janin, Adam Harendorf)

CAMH calls post-partum mood disorders “the most common complication of pregnancy” affecting approximately 13% of women who give birth. Building a meeting place for the postpartum experiences of the 1800s to today, Post-Part uses vintage images layered with contemporary materials, first-hand accounts and sensor-triggered audio to make us question how far we have really come in our understanding and acceptance of a woman's postpartum experience. When writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman experienced a post-partum mood disorder in the 19th century, the “cure” was worse than her illness, prescribed by a doctor who believed his female patients were faking their symptoms. Perkin Gilman’s response to her treatment was the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper. Post-Part is a room-within-a-room installation, inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper, the modern collage movement, and the colour innovation of Italian design duo Carnovsky. The viewer is invited to examine the re-imagined 19th century-style brocade wallpaper pattern through hand-held light filters. Approaching the pattern triggers an audio component, so that the walls speak and share 21st century women’s experiences of PPMD.

Longernin Collective formed to create the installation work, Post-Part. Drawing on combined experience in illustration, writing, film, collage, and art therapy work, the members’ individual works have been exhibited, published, and screened to audiences locally and globally.

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