MADE | public space

MADE is Shaun Moore, a furniture maker, and Julie Nicholson, a printmaker. A common passion for thoughtful and innovative design spurred the pair to create and environment to develop their own designs, while providing a forum for creative individuals to showcase inspired objects. In September of 2006 MADE opened a showroom at 867 Dundas St. W., representing the work of more than 40 Canadian designers, artists, craftspeople and architects.

Hybrid. A desire to crosspollinate materials and styles served as the starting point for the Hybrid seating and lighting pieces. Looking to incorporate found elements led us to milk crates – a mass-produced item whose ubiquitous design offers many variation in colour and patterning. Applying to this the elements of chinoiserie – fanciful imagery, whimsical contrast, lacquer-like material – lead us to objects that have the ability to be mass customized.

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