MADE | Room 204

MADE is Shaun Moore, Julie Nicholson and Andresa Sisson; all based in Toronto. They invent playful concepts to bring you pleasure. Their varied backgrounds in furniture, textile, digital, printmaking and curatorial work allow for an atypical approach to design. MADE was born of cohabitation without procreation. The long-time friends, now living apart, maintain the fun and exuberance of their time together through collaborative projects.

MADE has chosen to Come Up To My Room because the Gladstone Hotel is a hotbed of creative projects and deliquent ideas. This opportunity allows the showcasing of MADE ideals. Besides, it's not every day you get to play in somebody else's room.

In conjunction with the MADE installation, Shannon Cochrane and Thom Sevalrud have collaborated to present a performance-based artwork title MADE Service. Shannon, a performance artists, and Thom, a visual artist/illustrator, are known for a previous tour of spectacles under the moniker Winter Performance.

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