Magic Pony

Magic Pony | Room 213

Magic Pony is a gallery, studio and retail environment dedicated to expanding the traditional notions of fine art and design by presenting work that blurs the boundaries between art, commerce and creative living. Based in Toronto, Magic Pony collaborates with multidisciplinary artists to create unique exhibits and products. Magic Pony also participated in CUTMR 2007.

Magic Pony presents a procession of rites entitled Vesna Sontse. Artist Beci Orpin, Caroline Hwang, Coe&Waito, Elizabeth Ullrich, Julie Moon, Melinda Josie, Matthew Feyld, Nathan Jurevicius, Noel Middleton, and Tania Sanhueza contribute oblations honouring the solstice. Opening at CUTMR 2008 and continuing at Magic Pony until March 20, 2008, this site specific installation is an ode to Ukrainian traditions celebrated through contemporary craft.

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