Margaret Pryde

Margaret Pryde | public space

So a Guy Walks Into A Bar...

The bar assumes awesome responsibility. As the night wears on, it stands, sturdy and sober, ready to please. Offering to support the weight of an elbow, conveniently providing a perch for a foot. But what if it had enough? Maybe it has absorbed a little too much alcohol from the spilled drinks and finally buckled under the weight of that elbow… Biography

Pryde is a furniture maker and sculptural artist and a graduate of Sheridan College’s furniture design program in 2000. She presently works as a cabinetmaker and functional artist in Stratford, Ontario. Inspired by vacant factories and footworn staircases, she sometimes finds herself nostalgic for an era she did not live in. It is in this spirit she often works breathing new life into reclaimed building materials and changing their purpose from industrial to conceptual. When she was young (and gullible), Pryde worked as a tree planter in Northern Ontario, Alberta and Australia, gaining insight into the other side of the logging industry. Although, she is still not sure she can see the forest for the trees?

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