Mauricio Estrada | Art Bar

"Palisade' by Mauricio Estrada presented by Ryerson Artspace

Palisade, is an installation that analyzes the value and truth of representational experiences and their multi dimensionality as means in which to ascertain their validity. It questions if and when the representational can replace the real. To unpack these ideas the common experience and established language of classical gardens is used to facilitate the discussion.

The Walls of Palisade are a hyper representation of natural forms, with their materiality, depth, and colour, abstracting them from reality. While gardens of the French and Roman Tradition sought to capture beauty and truth, this garden predicates itself on emulation. Its hyper flat depictions of nature and sculpture working to generate a ‘true’ experience that will ultimately flatline.

Born in 1995 in San Salvador, Mauricio is an image artist interested in unorthodox methods of representing everyday objects, spaces and experiences. His main area of interest lies in the space where nature and the ‘human’ intersect, resulting in objects and experiences that transcend previously established boundaries surrounding these two ‘distinct’ groups. @mauricio.a.estrada


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