Nep Sidhu

Nep Sidhu | Room 61

The Bad & Beautiful

Nep Sidhu is a child of his environment. Unfortunately that environment includes watching his enraged father throw his G.I. Joes out the car window & perish under oncoming traffic. With on the Kleenex in his pocket left to play with, young Nep became astounded with the images trapped within in fold and crease of this tissue. From that point on, he went raw – transcribing everything thing from Eugene McDaniels gospel beliefs to MF Dooms scriptures, all the while working in as sheet metal factory since the age of 14. Nep is a multidisciplinary artist whose oeuvre includes painting, installation art & furniture design. With Todd Westendorp, Nep also designs clothing for their line, 'Equinox Forward'.

The Bad & Beautiful captures our ability to move ahead, by placing emphasis on science fiction in a space that allows seeing ourselves in a different light. In the application of this idea, I drew from my cousin Bhoota's presence as a modern day prophet (despite the realities that surround him) as a Son Ra's Astro-Myth approach that enabled him to co-exist in a different universe to conduct in jazz speak. With these principles, my aesthetic & my regard for the future, I will turn the space into the place.

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