Orest Tataryn

Orest Tataryn | Room 213

Room 213 will be the light sculptor Orest Tataryn's inaugural presentation of new work as an individual practitioner after twelve years of heavy involvement in group art activity. He has been working as an artist since 1998 both nationally and internationally and was one of the founders of the guerrilla art installation group affectionately called Skunkworks / Outlaw Neon which operated between 1992 and 2000 and gradually morphed into the design house SWON in the year 2000.

The decision to retreat into a more contemplative, experimental direction comes after retiring from a quarter century of public service as a fireman in January 2004 followed by a separation from his Montreal based design group. Currently pursuing a path of uncompromising curiosity, he also welcomes the idea of entering relationships of enterprising collaboration.

Orest's creative process involves juxtaposing ideas with materials and exploring the principles of colour, light and shadow.

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