Philip Evans & Michael McClelland

Philip Evans & Michael McClelland | Room 62

Room for a Bungalow
a collaboration

In an attempt to render the tensions between private & public spaces visible, Room for a Bungalow offers two distinct relationships to a place of residence: that of permanence and of transience. The representation of immaterial processes offers an opportunity to perceive and evaluate an architectural action in the public realm, one that identifies a public face to domesticity.

Philip Evans is a Toronto based artist and architect. As a project architect E.R.A. Architects Inc., he has been involved in a range of cultural policy-based projects and in the preservation of public art installations. He lives & loves in Parkdale.

Michael McClelland is a principal of E.R.A. Architects Inc., an architectural firm specializing in cultural resource management. ERA are the lead architects for the Distillery District, and they are heritage architects for the recent Carlu restoration and for both the Liebeskind ROM and Gehry AGO expansions.

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