Propellor | public space

Toby Barratt | Pamela Goddard | Nik Rust


Inspired by mushrooms growing on a walnut log found in the Okanagan, and intrigued by their resilience and tenacity, Propellor Design began to investigate how mushrooms grow and propagate. Drawing from the idea of multi-directional information transmission within nature, “mycologic” is a modular sculpture that brings nature inside. Biography

Propellor Design is committed to creating useful, beautiful and sustainable objects and experiences. Designers Barratt, Goddard and Rust became friends and creative allies while studying sculpture at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University and have since formed Propellor, a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in custom lighting, furniture and exhibition design. A love of, and concern for the natural world is at the core of Propellor’s design practice, and is reflected in the forms, materials and processes used in their work. Experimenting with new materials, prototyping new ideas and striving for a balance between aesthetics, function and sustainability gives Propellor a reason to get to work on time.

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