Roxanne Peckham | 2nd Floor Lobby

Roxanne Peckham | 2nd Floor Lobby

'He did not beat me' by Roxanne Peckham

Communication; whether verbal or written, has a profound effect on our interpretation and understanding of the value we give ourselves in relationships. Language however, can be a violent as a deliberate blow from a fist, the wounds are internalized and manifest themselves as stress, depression, anxiety, and can lead the victim to more desperate and lonely places. “When you tell me every day that I am worthless I believe myself to be worthless”. Oppression in the guise of beauty, this installation is a formal dining room setting in a room reserved for the rituals of Sunday feasts and celebrations. Chosen for its characteristics as the room where one observes all manner of meticulous behavior both inflicted and practiced through control both of self and of others. A well of emotion is translated into burnt text on the mediums surface to conjure imagery and narrative to the burden of abuse.

Toronto born artist Roxanne Peckham returned to University after raising her family and graduated in 2017. Moving away from the traditional canvas she refocused her work into mixed media installations. The human condition the theme, as she seeks to reveal the truth in all manner of experience.


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