RSID Year End Show Committee | Second Floor Hallway, East/South

RSID Year End Show Committee | Second Floor Hallway, East/South

Project Name: Shift

Description: The Ryerson School of Interior Design will promote its annual Year End Show Exhibit by showcasing what is significant about Interior Design through a public installation at the Gladstone Hotel. The proposed hallway installation would focus on way-finding. Way-finding, in essence, guides people through a physical environment and enhances their understanding and experience of a space. This connects with the Gladstone’s theme of transplant; to move from one place to another.The installation consists of bold, guiding lines, black and white, of which will draw attention to the different hotel exhibit rooms. The lines start from 2D and become 3D, creating a visual experience where viewers will intuitively explore the interior of the Gladstone Hotel.

Bio: Ryerson School of Interior Design’s Year End Show Committee is a collaboration of students who are interested in engaging the community with interior design.The committee invites the community to experience a series of installations, with the Gladstone exhibit being the first, which aim to educate its audiences on design.

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