Samantha Jones | 3rd Floor South Corridor

Samantha Jones | 3rd Floor South Corridor

'Ice Cream' By Samantha Jones

This project reflects on the collective insecurities women experience as a result of damaging societal pressures and expectations placed upon them. The series specifically focuses on eating; an act that is necessary for survival, but also compromised and avoided in some circumstances out of fear of not maintaining the society’s bodily ‘ideal’. The photographs are shot in the style of glossy, saturated advertisements.There are a total of 6 portraits in the installation, printed 40 x 60 in each. The placement of the series is in the third floor hallway, with 3 prints on each side so each portrait would be facing another.

Samantha Jones is an interdisciplinary artist who specializes in photography and drawing. Her practice is inspired by the fracture of the mind and body relation, particularly the frustrations and anxieties that occur in response to the shortcomings of bodily physicality. Her work is derived from a consistent feeling of somatic and psychological malaise –Her decisions are motivated by the intuitive responses of pain and discomfort, and the burgeoning fear of physical and mental unravelling.


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