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Tristan Zimmermann


The inherent angles and motion of clock hands is exploited via Euclidean geometry to produce isometric projections, illusions of a third dimension and of course, an accurate account of the passage of time.

If Canadian designer Zimmermann lived ages ago, he would have invented something ground-breaking. But by 2005, modesty, the internet and penicillin had already been invented, so Zimmermann founded Science and Sons. In many ways, Science and Sons is better than modesty but not quite as necessary as penicillin. The work of Science and Sons aims to indulge the overlooked, and elegantly subvert the status quo. Works are produced through various arrangements; as limited editions, under license by third party brands, and by private commission. Whether expressed through art, design or the misshapen offspring born of their coupling, the company’s mission is simple; “To put a song in your heart, and a harmless little hole in your wallet.”

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