Simon Johns | Second Floor Alcove

Simon Johns | Second Floor Alcove

After obtaining my BFA at Concordia University in Montreal and living in the beating heart of the Mile-End, I moved to a 7 acre wooded lot in East-Bolton Quebec, population 700. As a transplant to the area, I remain reliant on the city and make contemporary high-end furniture and lighting for an urban, connected clientele, in a studio based in a rural, wild, environment. Through digital social and media interaction, my connection to the design world is independent of my location, and through trade agreements and globalization, my access to materials is equally borderless. As designers we also create with the intent of showing in a connected global context, with our take on things as what differentiates our results from another’s. I will remove one element from the equation - access – and make East-Bolton’s resources a driving part of my design. In other words, transplant to the Gladstone, an installation of contemporary pieces designed with materials removed from the studios local, rural surroundings. East-Bolton has numerous sand and gravel pits, small longhaired highland cattle farms, abandoned copper mines, reeds and woods. The experiment aims to make my material vocabulary strictly local, and have these materials relocate as part of an immersive ensemble of completed pieces and research samples, from East-Bolton to the Gladstone.

Artist Bio

Simon Johns is a Fine Arts-trained designer and maker of furniture and lighting. He combines a hands-on approach and computer based practice in his East-Bolton studio in Quebec, Canada. Informed by the studio's rural wooded 7 acre lot, materiality is always present but balanced and controlled.

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