Simone Interiors

Simone Interiors | Room 202

Curator Lin Gibson
Designers The Brothers Dressler, Andy33, Yam Lau & Tania Ursomerzo

Simone Interiors opened just over a year ago on the far western edge of Queen West civilization. From its inception the goal of the store has been twofold: to create a relaxed environment where people can engage with, and learn about, great design and to provide an opportunity for emerging designers to present their work in a venue in which it is understood and appreciated.

Not content to be “just a store', we have participated in the Queen West Art Crawl, exhibited work by Toronto painter Andy Patton and raised funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. From February 11 - 18 we will be holding our second annual continuous screening of films by and about Ray and Charles Eames. Simone Interiors also offers graphic design, decorating consultations and a reading area where everyone is welcome to catch up on the latest design and shelter publications.

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