Sister Co-Resister | Room 214

Sister Co-Resister | Room 214

Sister Co-Resister

Pamila Matharu, Karen Azoulay, Nedda Baba, Yan Wen Chang, Marianne Ibrahim, Zahra Komeylian, Maanii Oakes, Kalpna Patel, Kendra Yee

Co- curated by Pamila Matharu and Vince Rozario

This project is a marker for the absence of intersectional feminisms’ in contemporary visual culture. It sets out to examine the labour around making and holding space- an often-repeated evocation in contemporary artistic and social discourse. In the art historical canon, the feminine has been relegated to interior, domestic spaces for the past two centuries. The social parallel has been to isolate feminist discourse within biological, ethnic, and class-bound markers. While the experiences of institutionalized misogyny and erasure, the women, femmes, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming artists in this installation intersect- profound discontinuities and contentious disagreements abound. The language of solidarity between these intersections is very much a work in progress- with approximate markers holding space for terms that can encompass the vastness of a marginalized existence. The result is a space in permanent flux- containing the messy shards and jagged edges of solidarity in a state of continual evolution. Shattered nerves, furtive pride, salvaged homelands, nostalgia and itinerant spaces of care populate this room. Its inhabitants are late-invited guests, squatters even, at a conversation whose terms have been pre-defined. They speak in languages that have been misappropriated and distorted, vulnerable to misinterpretation and co-optation. Their loud din echoes in passages and labyrinthine hallways, leading to a protected space where their incitements can breathe.

PAMILA MATHARU is an immigrant-settler with an interdisciplinary practice as an artist, educator, and cultural producer. She engages close readings of gaps, omissions and fissures of the unexamined intersectional life and the everyday. She has been an active contributor to artist-run culture in Toronto for over 23 years, including co-founding Come Up To My Room: The Gladstone Hotel's Alternative Design Event in 2003.

KAREN AZOULEY is a Canadian artist currently based in Brooklyn. Her multi-disciplinary work blurs the line between sculpture and photography. Solo exhibitions include CUE Art Foundation in New York, curated by Glenn Ligon; Four Gallery in Dublin; Mercer Union in Toronto and Primetime in Brooklyn. Her work has been featured and reviewed in publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, C Magazine, ReadyMade and Vogue.

NEDDA BABA is a Toronto-based artist and MFA candidate at York University, where she also completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Inspired by the tensions between subject and authority, her work is reflective of personal narratives and how they subvert the perceived objectivities of dominant discourses in education, religion, war, and the media. Her practice vacillates between images, performances, and interactive installations.

YAN WEN CHANG is a toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Her work manipulates and alters text and signage found within her own surroundings in Toronto. Chang removes these from their original context and relates them to romanticism of escape and refuge as well as the fiend of pleasure under the subject of substance abuse.

MARIANNE IBRAHIM is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a strong focus on wearable art and sculptural work. Working in metal, ceramics, stained glass, and textiles, she aims to create thought-provoking and insightful pieces that encourage the observer to consider a different perspective through an intersectional feminist lens. Zahra Komeylian is a self-taught Iranian-Canadian artist, whose practice utilizes ceramics, installation and performance art. Repurposing Iranian visual language and cultural symbols, she aims to create a decolonizing aesthetic, and provoke dialogue on cultural counter-narratives. Instagram- @zizee_

MAANII OAKES is an 18 year old Anishnabek, Kanienehaka and Swampy Cree woman working predominantly in ink illustration, traditional indigenous tattooing (skin stitch and handpoke) and her more recent practice of acrylic painting. Her thematic work centers around womens cultural impacts to illustrate the interconnectedness of women and land in a time of resource extraction and environmental racism.

KENDRA YEE is a Toronto-based artist and designer. She focuses on recreating the speculative world that exists within her head, combining these landscapes with cultural elements discovered throughout local neighbourhoods.

banner image: Maani Oakes, slideshow: Marianne Ibrahim, Zahra Komeylian

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