Sketch | public space


“Weave” asks the public take part in creating a communal fabric, begun by Sketch, and made up of textiles found and created in the Sketch open studio. “Weave” springs from the idea that people’s individual ideas and contributions can work together to create something whole, beautiful and strong.

Sketch is a multi-media art studio space for street involved and homeless youth aged 16 to 29. They share space with homeless youth for self-expression through art. They offer a safe and supportive space for these youth who seek alternatives to traditional forms of education, therapy and skill building. They recognize the power of expression through the arts and welcome their youth to determine their own individual pace and interpretation within it. They celebrate the creativity, resilience and diversity of their youth and see them as key contributors to culture and society.

Sketch has exhibited at a variety of festivals, gallery spaces, youth events, vending sites and art auctions. Some of their artists have their work in various stores throughout Toronto. They are recognized as a space that generates diverse ideas and transforms them into unique creations.

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