Studio Junction Inc

Studio Junction Inc | Room 202

“… and the shadow belongs to the light”
– Louis Khan

This installation uses the craft of making to explore the poetics of light and space. The method of investigation is through different scales of built work: the smaller scale of model making, the human body scale of built-ins and furniture, and the larger scale of “room”.

Studio Junction Inc is an emerging Toronto practice that focuses on architecture and design. The Courtyard Hiuse reflects their interest in urbanism, the poetics of light and space, and the detailing and craft of woodworking. Studio Junction Inc is Peter Tan, B.Arch, Christine Ho Ping Kong, B.Arch, B.F.A. (founding partners), Joe (Che Yu) Lin, B.Arch.Sci, and Roman Lysiak, B.Arch.

Studio Junction would like to thank Scott Eunson and Catalyst Design Build Inc.

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