StudioEXIT | Room 213

studioEXIT is a collaboration between Sharif Khan, Robert Eland, Patryk Ilendo, Chris Buehrle, Maximilian Johnson and Nicholas Waissbluth. studioEXIT is engaged in theoretical and formal projects exploring the processed related to the “act of making” in art and architecture. Engaging with carious subjects and scales, studioEXIT's portfolio ranges from gallery installations to design-build projects to furniture design. Past projects include a series of pavilions along the Rideau River in Ottawa, a set-design for the production of Marion Bridge, and an exhibition entitled Drafting the Corpse.

In this space, maker, viewer, object and tool converges. Entered mindfully, this interesection enables to exploration of an idea to its myriad meanings. Immersion in the process of working is more relevant and engaging that a final articulation. Process dictates a rigorous transformation of idea into manifestation. We face and wrestle with the reality of materials, merely the pieces used to collectively construct our environment. Such engagement allows infinite interpretation.

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