Tara Krebs | Third Floor Lobby

Tara Krebs | Third Floor Lobby

A Perilous Journey is an interactive "storybook" about a young girl navigating her way through a magical realm. With no written chronicle as reference, and only the most crucial and climactic moments of her tale to draw from, visitors move through a collection of sequential paintings while relying on their own imaginations to "write" the protagonist’s story. The goal in allowing this space for interpretation is to promote the use of and patience for one's personal sense of wonder in a world where information is immediately accessible - unlike my own pre-internet childhood where people were often left to imagine the possibilities of their curiosities long before their questions might be answered.

The project was first exhibited in 2014 at San francisco's Modern Eden Gallery, and awarded a grant by the Toronto Arts Council.

(I've received an overwhelmingly positive response to this body of work, and it's been really satisfying to see how much fun people have as their imaginations pursue different avenues of interpretation)

Artist Bio

Tara Krebs is a Toronto-based artist whose acrylic and oil paintings depict surreal worlds and storybook-like imagery. Her intricately detailed scenes are meant to draw the viewer in close, as one would experience while reading a picture book.

Website / Social Media Handle: Instagram: @tarakrebsart Facebook: Tara Krebs Art

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