Totem Design Co. | Public Space / Stairwell

Totem Design Co. | Public Space / Stairwell

Project Name: Woven Space

Description: Creating a seamless scene that runs from wall to ceiling, Totem Design Co. will create an art installation made of rugs from Nepal and India; fusing them with locally handmade fibre sculptures and unique wall hangings. The installation will be an integrated vibrant scene that tributes the incredible industry of rug design, one which few people know very much about. The installation is interactive and guests are encouraged to create their own pattern on the Fibre Pixel Wall.

Bio: Totem Design Co. specializes in rug & tapestry design while showcasing contemporary artworks, installations and handmade accessories. Husband and wife team, YVAN+ROBYN work together on custom design projects and collaborate with partners all over the world in a variety of creative industries.

Website / Social Media Handle: Twitter: @TotemDesignCo Instagram: @TotemDesignCo Facebook:

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