Urbanproduct | public space

Stephen Lindsay

Toronto based urbanproduct is a multi-discipline studio whose main focus is Product and Industrial Design. Launched in 2009 by Scottish born Lindsay, UP continues to grow, moving toward larger scale projects and interiors beginning with the introduction of ?Dune? wall treatment at IDS 2009. Functionality, affordability and an ecological awareness lead designs from initial concept toward a high quality outcome with a very unique and elegant visual dialogue.

Every effort is made to use local manufacturers and suppliers who operate their business with the environment in mind. UP strives to supply high quality, durable and eco-conscious design without compromise. Recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials and objects maintain the charm, beauty and integrity of past designs, but are complimented by handcrafted sleek additions to give new purpose for the spaces we eat sleep and live in. Bamboo, domestic hardwoods, concrete, industrial felt, rubbers and plastics combine to striking effect in objects such as furniture, interiors and lighting.

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