WE-3 | Room 210

We are a collective of architects, graphic designers and designers (one of each) united for CUTMR 2012.

WE-3 is interested in creating experiences that are layered in meaning, specifically/spatially located and impeccably executed.

For CUTMR, WE-3 is mounting 10,000 Untitleds (Gladstone Hotel)—an exploration and unpacking of the ideas of place and personal collection, inhabiting the specific space of the Gladstone Hotel while addressing the larger themes of home, hoarding and the mundane. The installation is less didactic than immersive/ephemeral. Visitors experience an effect (random, communal, bodily) and emotion (equal parts wonder and weariness) via the collection and display of everyday objects ad infinitum (ad nauseum).

WE-3 is Dominique Cheng, Kristina Ljubanovic and Lauren Wickware.

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