Room: Darklab

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Is it… alive?

From the depths of the Mariana Trench comes “DarkLab” — a reactive sound/sculpture installation presented by SubZeroArts team-members Deane Hughes and Christine Beaumont.

Drawing from their creative experience and installations for ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche (Toronto), The Heart Machine (Burning Man, Nevada) and MUTEK (Montreal), the team explores the notion that not only does art influence the individual, but that the audience itself can affect the artwork.

Using positioning and sound-sensor technology, the artifact “senses” and “reacts” to the presence and movements of on-lookers while immersing them in a shadowy, surround-sound audio-environment. By combining the audience’s motion and proximity to the artwork with a multi-source soundscape, DarkLab is a unique, participatory experience in tactile sculpture-art that connects individuals with the installation in unexpected ways.

Click here to see more work by Darklab.

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