Soon Cho

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CUTMR-PS-ChoArtist Statement

Cho’s goal is to create good design with everyday materials. She will play with plastic gimp and light to create a surface that will texture the walls to make them come alive with shadows.


Soon Cho is a textile artist trained in Rhode Island School of Design, and based in Toronto. She sees many products and materials that people use everyday (drinking straws, plastic forks, disposable cups, all the things that could be easily thrown away without a longer lifespan) as a new material that could be transformed for a new life, and given value though the artist’s hand.

This year, Cho has been working with drinking straws and plastic gimp to create lamps. While playing with the materials, she finds them imbued with endless possibilities in form and design. She hand knits the plastic gimp and melts it in different way for a variety of designs, using the large surfaces to cover floor lamps, and for wall decorations and hangings.

Cho participated in the 2009 Interior Design Show, and will also be showing at Radiant Dark 2010.

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