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Laura McKibbon & Jasna Sokolovic


Above is the installation by Laura McKibbon & Jasna Sokolovic for Come Up To My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel.

This project creates an unexpected environment within a familiar space by turning the proverbial outhouse inside out. Using trees, grass and wildlife, the sanctuary-like quality inherent in a bathroom is even more heightened.


Laura McKibbon and Jasna Sokolovic met in the spring of 2004, both just embarking on their careers in the ceramic arts. Despite their differences in working styles and approach they found their vision and inspiration parallel in striking ways. Since then, they have collaborated on personal projects, exhibitions, and fine craft sales and guided one another through the maze of art, craft and design. They find working in tandem to be challenging yet incredibly rewarding and together have mounted successful gallery exhibitions in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.



Kwangho Lee



Above is Kwangho Lee’s ballroom installation for Come Up To My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel.   Kwangho insists on making every object he creates by hand, linking him to the peasant life of his grand-parents and that life seems to have such an influence on his work.   This is interesting and fresh in a world where it seems every designer wants a fast-track career and mass-produced products.

kwangho lee

Beyond the pleasure of a precisely calculated form, Kwangho Lee searches for the aesthetics in the value of memories that connect the past and the present provided
by the human hand.

Kwangho Lee’s work comes mostly from his childhood experiences. Through his work he searches for possible changes and new meanings in the most ordinary objects of our daily lives. Kwangho believes that many of the mundane objects have boundless capabilities of transforming into something else. Guided by his motto “ORDINARY OBJECTS CAN BECOME SOMETHING ELSE” Kwangho seeks to express the symphony of design and craft. His projects never undergo machinery process. Therefore only small quantities are ‘crafted’ out of his hands.


Kwangho’s work is presented by  Montreal design  gallery commissaires, in collaboration with Toronto’s Ministry of the Interior.