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Pietro Gagliano and Peter Wehrspann


Above is the installation by Pietro Gagliano and Peter Wehrspann for Come Up To My Room 2009 at the Gladstone Hotel.

Collaborators Pietro Gagliano and Peter Wehrspann – with featured contributions from Ryan Andal and James Milward – revisit and reinvent the classic table-top video game. Combining cutting-edge technology, contemporary furniture design and dynamic graphics, they will create a piece of interactive furniture like no other.


Pietro Gagliano’s work is guided by his belief that design extends far beyond the reaches of expression, into the realm of communication, culture, problem-solving, and even infrastructure. The result is an approach that merges multiple disciplines and extends across platforms, with the aim to heighten user perceptions and experiences.


Peter Wehrspann believes good design enhances our daily lives physically and psychologically. His work is guided by the search for simple beauty and function. His eye for aesthetics and his abilities as an engineer allow him to marry disparate materials with ease and grace. With a simple and intelligent approach Peter is dedicated to consistently contribute good design to a select market.