Video Interview: Erin McCutcheon and Katherine Morley

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Katherine and Erin are the producers and curators of the all women TO DO exhibition, Capacity. In their interview they chat about the niche Capacity fills and the exposure of women in the Toronto design scene.

p.s. We also wanted to mention that Katherine Morley co-curated Come Up To My Room 2009 and 2010 with Deborah Wang, Caroline Shaheed and myself.

This video interview was completed by Christina Zeidler with the assistance of Jeremy Vandermeij.

One thought on “Video Interview: Erin McCutcheon and Katherine Morley

  1. I can’t wait for Come Up to My Room! Loved it soo much last year. I still remember the exhibits like the Breathing Room, etc. ToDO seems cool too. Erin was my crossfit trainer; she’s a jack of all trades!