WORK/PARTY – Room 214

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Chris Braden | Mike Dudek | Paul Kawai | Liam Johnstone | Ayla Newhouse | Emma Wright

party3Artist Statement

Sometimes you just have to get up and go, and sometimes you aren’t the only one.  This is one of those times.  The idea behind Recent Departures is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. Departures need not be sad, for they are simply the beginning of an arrival.
“The ride does not require explanation, just occupants.”


WORK/PARTY is a loose collective, occasionally pulled together when the stars are perfectly aligned. Over the last few years they have stumbled, crawled and leapt out of art and design schools on either coast of the country. Since graduating, Johnstone has been working at Pylon, Wright at Small Design, Newhouse is continuing her involvement with the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown, and Braden, Dudek and Kawai are working at Bruce Mau Design. They share a desire to work with companies, individuals and institutions who are interested in making things better. With a few years of work experience they feel a renewed energy to explore and produce with the enthusiasm and naivety of amateurs. Though they have long been fans of Come Up To My Room this will be their first time as participants.

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