Come Up To My Room 2016The Gladstone Hotel's Alternative Design Event

Come Up To My Room 2017 is an alternative design exhibition that provides a platform for experimentation outside the norms of art and design, at the edges between intention and interpretation. Freed from the constraints of traditional practice, CUTMR encourages spatial exploration that engages our senses, our memories and our perceptions of reality.

The exhibition challenges participants to push their everyday practice by offering a blank canvas upon which to explore new themes and ways of working. Framed within the backdrop of the historic 126-year-old Gladstone Hotel, CUTMR invites artists and designers to create site-specific, immersive installations that stimulate the imagination and encourage discussion and dialogue between contributors and visitors alike.

The 14th installment of CUTMR will take place between January 19 and January 22, 2017.

The 2017 Theme: Transplant 

verb (used with object)

1: to remove from one place and plant it in another.
2: to move from one place to another.
3: to bring (a family, colony, etc.) from one country, region, etc., to another for settlement; relocate.
4: to undergo or accept transplanting: to transplant easily.

Our relationships with the world and those around us, from local to global and our exchanges in-between have been affected by global issues, media and digital social interaction. Ideas, knowledge and culture expressed in the exchanges between individuals are constantly evolving; transferred from one place to another. The act of transplantation is a phenomenon to be explored. Everything converges and diverges to reemerge as a collective entity, translated into experiences and things that we have yet to foresee. If so, are we going to be immersed in disruptive or disciplined environments?

Through our dealings with the fast evolving environment surrounding us – designers and artists in a global context – we are left working to define our place in the chaos.


We invite you to submit proposals as individuals or as collectives, and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. This call is open to Canadian and international participants. The deadline to submit is June 15. Click here for details on how to submit: